The race for the presidency has been a rocky one, especially for the Republican Party. The rise of Donald Trump has led to massive acrimony within the party, attracting disaffected swaths of the party who care little for substance, conservatives flocking to Ted Cruz, and establishment types vacillating between Marco Rubio and John Kasich. But Rubio's campaign appears to have hit an iceberg as of late, and his supporters are fleeing in droves.

In fact, Rubio has flat out encouraged his followers to vote for Kasich in Ohio, as the establishment wing of the party seeks to stop the rise of the neo-fascism of Trump.

Why he doesn't simply abandon his now quixotic campaign and allow Kasich to receive the remnants of his voters is anybody's guess. Other key establishment figures are now also recognizing that Kasich may be their only viable option to stop Trump's campaign, if a little late in the game.

Former Speaker supports Kasich

One such figure is none other than former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who has officially endorsed Kasich. The move would have been inconceivable just months ago, when Kasich was considered an also-ran from nearly the beginning. But as the other party favorites like Jeb Bush and Rubio sank, Kasich has been the beneficiary.

Indeed, it seems he has earned the support of the moderate and sane members of the GOP, scarce though they may be.

At every debate, he was often the only adult in the room as Trump bragged about his penis size and Ben Carson offered viewers two minute nap breaks each time he spoke.

The Boehner endorsement comes on the heels of former candidate Mitt Romney speaking out against Trump and his campaign of hatred and ignorance, though Romney stopped short of endorsing anybody overtly.

If actions speak louder than words, however, he definitely seems to be firmly in the Kasich camp.

Trump's list of backers grows

As the other candidates have dropped from the race, many have flocked to Trump's side. Carson joinedthe many last week, despite Trump having called him a child molester and courting white supremacists throughout the election cycle.

Chris Christie has also sided with Trump, despite the glowing praise he had previously showered on Kasich in the past. While Carson's political aspirations were foolhardy at best, Christie effectively committed political suicide by allowing himself to be gelded by Trump. He may as well have changed his name to Reek after the embarrassing way he cozied up to the front runner.

So while Trump continues to draw in the fringe candidates and sellouts in the party, and Cruz hopes to take the ultraconservative groups, Kasich still continues to attempt to draw in the remaining rational people right of center. While the Boehner endorsement certainly can't hurt him in that quest, it doesn't seem likely to do much to harm his opponents for Kasich to grab one more establishment pick.

Trump is still poised to take the nomination, and a break in the party could lead to many either voting Democrat or staying home. For others, an opening for a third party vote is viewed as a real possibility for the first time in decades. Either way, the race is only going to get more interesting before it's over.

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