I have no experience with FBI agents firsthand. That's a good thing, right?

I have a lot of firsthand experience with Apple. They are my neighbor to the left, and right, and up the street and down the street.

Apple, Apple Everywhere Apple

There is also no end to the people around me who sit in coffee shops and work on overpriced word processors. My experience with many people who buy Apple products is that they have no idea how to get the most of what they paid too much for.

But then, people buy cars with 80-button dashboards and only know what to do with about 20 of those buttons.

I love stories of bullheaded gum shoes who dog the bad guy until they find him, 10, 20 or more years later.

  • The only thing that doggedly occurs on an Apple product is ..., well, I don't know.

I love stories of detectives finding evidence in dumpsters blocks away from a crime scene because of old-fashioned persistence, diligence, endurance and other words that end in -nce that wind up getting the bad guy, just because the bad guy is, well, bad.

  • The only thing -nce that Apple gets is insistence by those who think their product is better and don't know why other than they paid more for their photo files than I did.

I am going to like the story of the FBI figuring out how to get in the back door of an Apple iPhone just because Apple wouldn't cooperate and said it couldn't be done.

5 Ways Gumshoes Might Win

There are, I understand, 5 possible ways to get in ... or not.

  1. Back up and attack: Keep backing up the memory and try to guess the password till they get it right.
  2. Reset the count: Keep going back to zero on the passcode until they get in.
  3. De-capping: Open the case by some means and go for the passcode.
  4. New zero-day: Find a vulnerability that Apple didn't know they had.
  5. Bribery: Pay somebody off at Apple to do it for the FBI.

I am not afraid of 'big brother.' Maybe I should be.

Gosh. Maybe I even a right to be. But I'd rather trust them then fight on principle while bad guys = terrorists run free.

Ask the folks in Brussels if the FBI should be let in.

Go nerdy gumshoe!

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