When it’s time to go shopping for clothes, among the first things that pop into our minds is the frenzy in the malls. Although it is exciting to look for fashion stuff to buy on sale, surrounded by many other people grasping the first items they lay their eyes on, one might want to consider putting some effort into better organizing those purchasing escapades.

Know your shopping desires before hitting the mall

As redundant as it may seem, deciding what items to buy before heading out for the mall really makes a difference to your monthly budget because it limits the number of decisions your brain has to make on the spot.

Have you ever heard of billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who dress the same every day of the week to decrease the number of style-related decisions they have to make, so that they can focus on important business decisions? Well, this may be a little exaggerated for regular people, but having at least certain well-thought items in mind before making the purchase can lead to achieving one’s shopping goals.

Why people end up with wrong-size outfits

You should pay attention to the size of clothes.

Stores supply themselves with various sizes. Therefore, one may expect to see people dressed according to their body types. Yet, it isn’t always the case because some women often regard the action of buying outfits as a welcomed opportunity to motivate themselves into losing weight, thus picking out items for the silhouette they desire rather than for the one they have.

In a humorous tone, one may argue that men aren’t as complicated when shopping: they don’t really plan ahead as much regarding the size of their outfits versus potential diets to achieve slimmer bodies.

It’s just that some men simply don’t know their size, or prefer staying on what they consider to be the safe side with more baggy-looking designs in jeans and business outfits.

Fitting rooms and crowded stores

Once you know what items you need and the size that best suits you, actually trying on the items is the next logical step. If you were shopping to make a gift to a friend, it would indeed make sense to buy without hitting the fitting room first.

But when you’re selecting your own wardrobe, you have no excuse to skip that part. Many customers who return their new acquisitions asking for refunds say fitting rooms are always occupied in the stores. The retailers are packed with customers. You want to try to get there in the less crowded hours of the day if you are not at work. It may save you the effort of later exchanging or returning your purchase.

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