The scenario that a lot of pundits are gaming out is how a brokered convention would work to deny Donald Trump the nomination. The idea is that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio between them deny Trump the majority of the delegates he needs to win outright. The first ballot is taken and Trump loses. Then the deal making and the back room bargaining begins. Cruz and Rubio make a deal that forms a ticket with the one with the most delegates nominated as president and the other as vice president.

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Then the ticket sails on to victory over Hillary Clinton, or someone else if she is indicted.

Some commentators, such as Rush Limbaugh, posit the spectacle of Trump leading a walkout of his delegates, something that would cripple the Republican Party’s chances of winning anything.

However, Hot Air proposes a scenario in which Trump may storm out, but no one follows.

The delegates that go to the national convention are selected at the various state conventions or by state party committees. The idea is that the Cruz Campaign and/or the Rubio Campaign shows up at these conventions and arrange to get their own people elected as Trump delegates. The delegates would still be obligated to vote for Trump on the first ballot. But on the second ballot, they would be free to flip and vote for the candidate they really support. Trump, even though he came into the convention with a plurality of the delegates, would lose and be forced to watch in horror and rage as someone else is nominated.

The maneuver seems to be far-fetched and maybe too clever by half. If it works, Trump would still be free to lob insults at the candidate and the Republican Party in general, eagerly broadcast by the media, but a lot of GOP insiders think that Trump as the nominee would be worse and would be certain to face calamity in November.

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Those fears may be overblown. However, Trump as president, as chaotic and uncontrollable as he tends to be, might well be a disaster. Besides, the Democrats may be so crippled because of Hillary Clinton’s legal troubles that it won’t matter anyway. Even the Republicans, with their talent for defeat in presidential elections, will not be able to manage it this time.