Agent 47 returns

Hitman is a gaming franchise that can be considered a pinnacle of action-stealth gaming. As Agent 47, the greatest spy in the world, you are tasked with taking out your enemy and escaping near impossible situations. The games have been story driven adventures that give players chances to make choices that will affect the outcome of the mission, making it an experience few games could be compared to. Hitman gave you a chance to be a shadow that was revered by all who approached, and a death sentence to your target. Each game provided an element, such as a damsel in distress that made agent 47 a person instead of an unstoppable machine.

This new installment of the beloved franchise has missed its mark.

The newest installment tells the story of Agent 47’s debut to the International Contract Agency (ICA).  The idea is one that has been used by many gaming franchises to re-introduce the characters to both next-gen systems and next-gen players. It has worked phenomenally for games like Tomb Raider and Metal Gear, however, Hitman lacks the necessary elements to do so.

Hitman doesn't quite hit the mark

The first reason this game falls short is due to the graphics; the next-gen systems offer a chance to bring games with a budget to life and Hitman has failed to do that. The designers of the game were most likely trying to deliver a dose of nostalgia but it just leaves the gamer disappointed in the graphics and overall gameplay.

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The way you play is the same as it has been for many years;  there are many different ways to kill the target. You must find the most enjoyable and feasible way to complete the scenario and this type of gameplay suits Hitman due in part to the fact it allows anyone to play and have an enjoyable experience no matter their skill. This type of gameplay inside a game filled with limitations makes it repetitive and boring.     

The game gives you limited options when it comes to where and who you kill. This is due to the fact that this installment has been turned into an episodic adventure with a full game being released in January of 2017. An argument can be made for releasing content every month but that leaves a possible 31 days of doing the same thing with little variation in the way you do it. It does not give the player a chance to become Agent 47.

Games like this become truly great when the gamer can feel what that character feels. If you lose that aspect of gaming, you lose fans who have felt that with every game released under the franchise. The saddest part of the game is the successful attempt at making Agent 47 a soulless character and that is expected of a genetically modified super assassin who was tortured as a child so he could become the ultimate weapon for a shadow organization, but not for a protagonist of a video game.