Hillary Clinton has been a leading light in the Democratic movement both in her own right and in her position as First Lady. What influence does astrology have on her character and her political motivations? 

In the aftermath of Super Tuesday we have seen the self proclaimed 'Lion' (Trump) of the Republican 'Pride' attempting to convey a tamer aspect to his fierce nature and being attacked by the other 'alpha males'. Their inference is that he has become a liability to his own pride and they are trying to hound him out. On the other side of the reserve, Hillary Clinton is emerging as the Democrats' favorite but the race is not yet done.


A personal horoscope

Hillary Clinton's personal horoscope is really quite fascinating and seems to reflect the nature of her public profile and her politics and career thus far. She has Mercury (communication, learning) rising in Scorpio (focus, depth) with a 1st House Jupiter (expansion, fortune) through which she has the ability to communicate and understand the 'big picture'. She is also a 'philosopher' at heart. Her book "It Takes a Village" is taken from an African proverb 'It takes a village to make a man'.

The Sun (identity) and Venus (relationship) are both in the 12th House which is the domain of the collective and not the individual.

However, the 12th House can also point towards hidden enemies and motivation and its emphasis in Scorpio also fits with the endless scandals which seem to have followed her career and of which we probably not heard the last off (Venus - woman, sex, money in Scorpio in aspect to the deep Pluto). The idea that her identity is a part of something or someone else is also enhanced by the Nodes of the Moon.


The North (a new direction) is on the Descendant (the other person) whereas the South Node (moving away from) is on her Ascendant (personal expression).

When her husband Bill Clinton became President in 1993, this nodal axis was activated. Her position and direction seems very dependent on something or someone else. She may not be perceived to have the charismatic, magnetic force of her former Presidential husband, but it is her ideas and philosophies which she has to project. Presently this nodal axis is being activated again and in combination with the M.C.

which is the point in a person's horoscope chart to do with Career and public status and standing. This could mean that her identity becomes immersed in the position of leadership she has attained.

There are many stars connected to Hillary Clinton's planets which come in to effect in the later years of her life suggesting she has many different and important things yet to do. The stars are independent in nature but are unifying as well, which is a word she is using in this Presidential campaign.


One star (Zuben-Eshamali) in particular seems significant just now. It is a major star in the constellation of 'Libra' and is particularly concerned with reform, social justice and politics.

However, a potential shadow side to Zuben-Eshmali is the using a position of influence and power for personal gain. Freedom of expression and the rights of individuals may be causes Hillary Clinton will eschew but her own personal values may be under the spotlight due major planetary aspects involving the erratic energies of Uranus (sudden change, awakening) and Pluto (disclosure, secrets, letting go) to the M.C. (career, status) throughout the rest of this year.

All this implies that things are unlikely to run smoothly or according to plan in her campaign, indeed there may be more insinuations and scandals on the horizon. There may also be 'U-turns' and changes in direction. Another possibility, furthermore, is that information brought to public attention will have the opposite effect from the initial desired intention.