Sunday morning a man came into a 7-11 store and started swinging a hatchet at the clerk and a customer.  The clerk was slightly injured by the hatchet.  The masked man did not speak as he was wildly swinging his hatchet.  At this time, the customer pulled his concealed weapon and shot the attacker.


Shooter not charged

The attacker died from the gunshot, but no one else was injured in the attack.  The police aren’t sure of a motive at this point in the investigation.  They don’t expect the shooter to be charged, and in fact are considering him a hero.

I often talk about the importance of concealed carry in Arizona.  This incident actually occurred in Burien, Washington, but the situation is the same. 

Hatchet attack?

Who would have thought, that while having your morning coffee in a convenience store, you would be attacked by a man with a hatchet.  It’s not likely to happen, but it did.  If the customer wasn’t there to stop the violence, many people could have been killed before the police arrived.

Concealed carry can save the day
Concealed carry can save the day

A trained gun owner with a concealed carry permit is not a threat to the public.  These people carry for defense of themselves and others.  They go through background checks, finger printing, and training before receiving the permit.

Part of this training is to be aware of your surroundings and who may be in your line of fire.  Shooting an innocent bystander is not an option.  You don’t notice these citizens because they don’t want to be noticed.  They carry their guns responsibly and safely.

Be prepared

Some things in life can be predicted.  Hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes don’t appear without warning.  When a warning comes, we take shelter.  Cars have seat belts and airbags to protect us in the event of a car crash.  No one leaves home expecting to be in a car accident, but we are prepared for the possibility by driving a safe car. 

This is all I ask for in the gun department.  Let me have the chance to defend myself should an unexpected event take place.  I don’t expect to ever fire my gun.  I will never pull it, if I can avoid it. 

I don’t think a guy will ever come at me with a hatchet in a convenience store.  I don’t expect someone to break into my home.  But if it happens, I will be prepared and the bad guy will be surprised.








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