Nowadays we almost cannot live without Google. It’s a part of our daily lives even if we do not notice it. Be it for e-mails, for navigation, for searching information and many other things of which not everyone is aware. In this era of technology, we’re most likely to use it with the help of our computers, Smartphones, and tablets. Its potential is so powerful that it is even used by great companies that are therefore able to maximize their revenue. Except for one particular case where a woman lost her house thanks to Google technology.

What exactly happened?

A demolition company was supposed to do its daily job at a certain location and demolish a building. They were using the Google Maps application in order to reach their destination – which they did, according to Google, and without hesitation, the demolition team finished their job with colored flags. However, Google had made a mistake, leading the team to the wrong location. A few days ago, a woman named Diaz found out that she no longer had a house. That is, Google’s error had left her without a home.

It’s normal for errors to exist. Google Maps uses a satellite and street-view images to help people navigate. On this particular occasion, like many times before, Google had shown two different addresses at the same point on the map, and this error occurred even if the addresses were searched separately. The demolition team had great faith in the technology they used and believed they were at the correct destination after a brief look at the area.

They noticed that the building they were about to turn into dust was already in bad shape. This was due to last year’s weather conditions, when a tornado had damaged a couple of houses. They knew it was their job to bring down one of the damaged houses and with the help of Google they “found” the correct one.

The team did not respond to the News cast. When Diaz spoke with the team supervisor she was directed to their boss, who kept searching for excuses, telling the woman that the insurance would cover the damages, instead of at least apologizing to the woman and trying to find a solution.

Afterward, the team managed to demolish the correct duplex, and hopefully will not rely as much on Google Maps.

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