Emory University President Jim Wagner had to address a campus emergency. An unknown vandal has created fear and terror on the Atlanta campus by using chalk to write “Trump 2016” on campus sidewalks and buildings. Wagner met with students, who expressed their fears about the terrifying messages. He said students are concerned and frightened because the Trump candidacy clashes with Emory’s values.

“Build a wall” was another hateful statement used. A Latino student said he knows the reference was made against Hispanics, and that he felt unsafe.


Did the school go on lockdown? They must review security footage to make sure this vandal can be identified. With the incidents in Brussels and Paris, the threat of a maniacal chalk vandal on the loose can be terrifying.

Why are Emory students so terrified by Donald Trump?

Here are several reasons a college student might fear Trump:

The hair: yes, it has an uncanny likeness to a dead animal you might see on the roadside. But, he’s “The Donald.” His hair is part of his trademark. The fear is real.

Wall talk: and no, it’s not Pink Floyd’s wall. Donald Trump is discussing a great wall that will even surpass the one in China or the one that once separated Germany. It’s a wall to keep Mexicans from sneaking into America. Relax college students, this wall business is as realistic as fair taxes. It isn’t happening. He’s saying it because it keeps him in the headlines. Do you want to know how to keep illegals out? Simple, since illegal immigrants sneak in to find work, punish the companies that hire them and you don’t need a wall.


Celebrity status: do they fear that a reality TV star could one day be their president? What about Ronald Reagan? He was a governor and a bad actor before he became our president. So why not Donald Trump? Even if you don’t support Trump, ask yourself how a man becomes a billionaire without knowing how to negotiate with others. And don’t forget that Trump provides jobs and careers for thousands of Americans. Do any other candidates do this? No, they don’t. Electing a guy who creates jobs could be traumatic.

Racism: do they fear a racist president? Really? When did Trump use a racial slur in any of his speeches? People have made allegations, but then people claim President Obama dislikes Caucasians and Jews. People with an axe to grind will always play the race card to discredit someone. I don’t think enough evidence exists to prove that Trump is a racist. People claim that First Lady Michelle Obama dislikes Caucasians. A nasty rumor started last year that she said the problem with America is white people.


Supposedly, she said this in a speech at Tuskegee University. This wasn’t true and I haven’t seen evidence proving the Obamas' are racists. From local government races to presidential races, accusations of racism always grab headlines during an election campaign. Nothing here to see folks, move along.

Today's college students have real issues that can cause mental anguish

The older generation had petty communism and nuclear war fears. Today’s college students are America’s future. These millennials have much more to fear. For instance, they have to worry about losing their cell phones, getting trolled on social media, insensitive people, and Donald Trump becoming president. Hopefully, these Emory students can take counseling and therapy to get past this.

I am sure America is following this story. I am wondering if parents will file lawsuits against the university for not protecting their children from this “Trump 2016” mental cruelty. These sensitive youths are the future. It is important that universities protect their feelings from insensitive rhetoric. Its been said a mind is a terrible thing to waste. We cannot risk losing these youngsters to harmful propaganda.