Eligibility v.s. qualification

A Kenyan-American law professor (Makau Mutua) has described Donald Trump as an individual who believes in racism, adding that the Republican presidential hopeful is also “a person who is not qualified to be the President of the United States.”

The SUNY distinguished professor (who was commenting on America’s 2016 presidential campaign) during a live television talk show on March 8th in Nairobi, Kenya noted that Mr. Trump only passes the eligibility test to run for the seat of president because of the way the system in America is organized, and the various freedoms accorded in the country’s laws and the constitution.

Is Trump a creation of the Tea Party Movement?

Makau Mutua perceives Donald Trump as a creation of the Republican’s Tea Party Movement which is viewed by certain quarters of political pundits as a “racist movement” that was established in reaction “to the election of the 1st black president of the United States in 2008” and “a monster that has returned to devour the Republican party.”

Asked about the possibility of a Trump presidency by the Kenya Television Network’s show host, Jeff Koinange -- a former CNN journalist, Mutua acknowledged the candidate for the Republican nomination for president of America as a force to reckon with in the 2016 presidential vote.

According to Mutua, people should not be alarmed by a Donald Trump presidency because the office of president in America is like a strait jacket, and whoever is elected cannot just walk in and get to do whatever he or she wants.

“The first time you are sworn in as president; they sit you down and they tell you what to do. You might be the most powerful in the world, but you are going to listen to those who control the state and those who control the presidency and you are going to follow their rules. Even though Donald Trump is this bombastic, outrageous individual, they will put that man in a strait jacket and cut him to size," said Mutua.

The only concern that the law professor has with a Donald Trump presidency is the likelihood of an increase in crimes of opportunity considering there is a demographic that is susceptible to his islamophobic rhetoric and to the words of race baiting.

Bernie Sanders broadening America’s political discourse

Meanwhile, the former SUNY Buffalo Law School Dean could not hide his soft spot for Bernie Sanders, a politician he credits for broadening the intellect of the American political discourse in a way in which no major candidate has done in the past 30 years. “He has talked about issues. If you look at the debates on the democratic side, they are debates of substance and issues as opposed to the juvenile taunting and name calling on the Republican side.”

Bernie Sanders and former First Lady Hillary Clinton have continued to emerge as the top contenders for the Democratic Party nomination for president of America in the November 2016 election.

Whoever wins the Democratic Party nomination between Sanders and Hillary is most likely to compete for the seat of President of the United State of America with Mr. Donald Trump from the other side of the country’s political aisle.

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