When it comes to alienation of others, disruption certainly gets much of the attention. It draws crowds away from the competition and takes over the market in the short term. The problem with disruption is the fact that it is hard to maintain over a long period of time. Today Donald Trump is certainly disruptive in the political scene and he has gained a great deal of attention with his bold, no bars hold approach to telling everyone "like it is".

Is this sustainable? For Donald Trump, I do not think he will have any trouble keeping up the pace he has set.

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He says what he likes and some believe that he has no idea what will come out of his mouth at any point in time. Back tracking, lunging, assuming, and pointing seem to be the scene of the day.

People are eating it up just because they are looking for a change from the way the government is currently not in place to help the people. Trump is being looked upon as the one person that can break that status quo and actually have a chance at passing a bill or two in the Senate.

What does the Republican Caucus Think?

Obviously, they are all ready for change from the current political climate as well. Why else would they vote in Donald Trump in the primaries? What is holding back the other candidates who are stuck in negative political campaigning? They complain bitterly about Trump, yet seem to be powerless to stop him? What really went wrong within the Republican party? Would the, do it my way or the highway attitude towards the current government been their demise or is it the fact that they have inbred issues that are not allowing them to relate to the populous? 

Will Trump Get All the Votes?

No matter which way we vote, Donald Trump has certainly made his mark in our lives.

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He has used the power of disruption to his own advantage and to the dismay of all the other potential party leaders. Can he be stopped at this point in time? Perhaps not but November is not that far off and his competition on the other side of the political scene is powerful, strong and a great diplomat.