Democrats are having lots of fun watching Donald Trump create chaos and mayhem in the Republican nomination contest. However, the more thoughtful in the party are looking at a potential disaster among their own ranks, according to the Hill Newspaper. What if, on the brink of winning the nomination, Hillary Clinton comes under criminal indictment for her unsecured email server and related issues? The Democratic nominating process would be thrown into chaos.

As a side benefit, the White House and the Justice Department would go into civil war mode. President Barack Obama has gone all in for the effort to make Clinton his successor.

He hardly has any choice if he wants even a scrap of his legacy preserved. Many observers suggest that Justice will try to delay whatever indictment is deemed necessary until it is too late. But, the evidence of criminal wrongdoing may be too great even for the famously corrupt Obama Justice Department to ignore. The firestorm that would erupt in response to a stonewall would be almost as bad as an indictment anyway.

Democrats would have two options if Clinton were forced out of the race by an indictment.

First, they could rally behind Bernie Sanders as the only other candidate. The problem with this option is, despite current polling that suggests that Sanders would do well in the general election, most political experts agree that an avowed, elderly socialist would have no chance being elected president of the United States.

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The second option is for the Democratic Party insiders to hand-pick another candidate, perhaps Vice President Joe Biden. The problem with this scenario is the same as with rumored Republican schemes to parachute in a compromise candidate to stop Donald Trump. Biden hasn’t run for president. He would be foisted on a Democratic electorate, take it or leave it. Such a gambit would be a prescription for a large number of Clinton and Sanders supporters to stay home, again throwing the presidential election and a lot of down ballot races to the Republicans.

In other words, by backing the morally and legally challenged Hillary Clinton, Democrats have left themselves with no real options.