I know we live in a busy world, but can’t we be a little courteous to others? I went into Sears the other day to pay a bill. While waiting at the customer service desk, a line formed behind me.

The lady directly behind me was dressed very nice. She had high heels and a matching purse.

Computer shuts down

The cashier announced that the computer had quit and we needed to step over to the next aisle to another desk. Suddenly the lady in the suit took off in a dead run, her high heels clicking on the tile like machine gun fire.


I walked over to the counter and ended up in line behind her. I was in no hurry. When she saw me behind her, she turned and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get ahead of you”.

I didn’t care to wait, but I couldn’t believe she just said that after a marathon run. I couldn’t help myself. Looking directly at her I said, “You did mean to get ahead of me, and that’s okay, just don’t lie about it”. I let her know I really didn’t care if she went first, but that she was acting rather foolish.

No time for others

This constant rush is normal nowadays. We have a guard shack at the RV Park for safety. The guard checks each car for a windshield sticker indicating you belong in the park. If you are without one, he will ask where you are going and write your license plate number in a record book.

Safety for the residents

The point of this is to protect the residents. Hopefully it will cut down on unwanted activity and theft.

However, some people don’t like to wait in line while the guard does his job of recording numbers.

Not only do they complain, but they also cut out of line and go through the exit side of the shack. This results in them heading the wrong way into traffic. Near misses occurred so often that park management had to step in.

They didn’t admonish the impatient visitors or add cameras to help the guards.

Instead, they ordered the guards to quit checking the cars. Now traffic flows in with no delay. This is good for the impatient people as well as the thieves who may want to break into your house.

No time to wait, but time to complain

It just makes no sense. The people complaining about waiting in line are now complaining if an unwanted vehicle is roaming the park. Everyone is out for themselves. They want security, benefits, and exclusivity.

But they won’t wait even a few seconds for someone to provide these services.

Let’s all just take a deep breath and slow down.

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