I’m 67 years old physically, but in my mind I’m still 25.  I don’t have some sort of disease or mental retardation (some may beg to differ) I just never grew up.  Worse yet, I don’t want to grow up.


I’m not unhappy

It’s not a case of my life being miserable after some point in time.  I’m actually very happy. 

However, I just can’t seem to get past my high school and college years, which were especially rewarding.  This was the 60’s when every year a new car came out from each manufacturer.  The cars had style, they all were unique.

Chevy, Ford, and Dodge

You could tell a Chevy from a Ford a mile away.  Today, even as a car guy, I need to see an emblem to know what country the car is from, let alone the brand.

I jump in my time machine to avoid change.
I jump in my time machine to avoid change.

Time machine

I have a 66 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible.  It’s my time machine.  I drive it around and instantly I’m back in high school.  It’s not a show car, it’s an everyday driver.  We eat fast food and drink cokes in the car.  The grand kids jump over the side to get in, rather than use the door.


We drive down dirt roads, my dog rides in the seat. 

This is living, enjoying life to the fullest.  It takes me back to a time of less worry, less concern about life in general. 

Was the past better?

Was it really that much better than today?  I doubt it.  It just seemed that way.  We had Vietnam, layoffs at work, crime, and death.  We had issues same as now.

Maybe it is just mentally thinking like a young kid that takes me out of a time rushed world into serenity. 

Or maybe I can relive the past with full enjoyment because I know the outcome of the various events.  I know what’s going to happen because I have lived it.

I don’t know about the future

When I come back to being 67 again after my trip in time, I no longer know what the outcome of the future will be.  I can hope and pray, but I haven’t yet lived in the future.  My car can take me back to the 60’s, but it can’t take me into the future.

Therefore, I am uncertain and begin to worry again about my future and the future of the country.  But after my daily trip back in time I can be assured that we will work out the future as we did in the 60’s.  It’s just not as crystal clear yet and thus more difficult to enjoy.


Everyday trip

I take my time machine Ford back in time on a daily basis. Sometimes I relive the old way of doing things.  The times before video games, computers, cellphones and high tech cars.  I actually did roll a barrel ring down the street with a stick for fun.

If these types of stories interest you, please go to the comment section and let me know what you think.  If there is enough interest in reliving the good old times of the past I will continue to report back from the old Ford as I travel back to the 60’s.



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