Everywhere you look there are ads for cellphone companies.  They offer new phones, huge rebates, and low fees.  They will actually pay some of your current fees if you will switch providers.  No matter your current provider, another one will pay you big to switch.

After you make the switch

Once you’ve been with the new provider awhile you find they don’t care as much about your business.  After the new discounts or rebate cards are gone you find yourself stuck with nearly the same contract as your old company.


As time goes by, you may want a new phone or bigger data plan.  Sure enough, when you check, your provider is offering the latest most advanced phone for free with a new contract. 

New customers only

When you attempt to get this phone you are told the offer doesn’t apply to current customers.

You can purchase the phone and sign a new contract, but the phone won’t be free.  I tell them, if I can’t get the same deal, I’ll switch to a new provider.  That’s when you realize they really don’t care.

No plan for that

Their business model is to get new customers away from other cell providers.  They don’t have a plan for keeping them.

This is mysterious to me.  Isn’t there some compromise such that treating your current customers fairly has value?

I would be happy to stay with my current provider as long as they treat me fair.  As I stated in an earlier article, if you treat me fair and with integrity, I will keep coming back.  I don’t expect to be rewarded with constant perks, but I should not be abused. 

If you are offering huge discounts for new customers, why not just allow me a small discount for sticking around?  If you grow your business by keeping your customers happy, you don’t have to beg for new ones.


In my opinion, you should strive for a large customer base that will remain loyal.  If you keep the ones you have, there is less urgency to obtain more.

Focus on the current customers

Let your customers know by your actions that you truly want their business.  There will always be ads trying to lure your customers away.  The ads won’t work however, if you have a fair long term plan. 

I can’t calculate how 100 new customers, for each 100 you lose is the best way to go.  Especially when you are paying out huge amounts to get them.  How about keeping the 100 you have and adding 3 or 4?  The cost of keeping them would surely be less than the current trend of continuous switching and it would most likely make loyal customers.