Street figher V was released last month with much criticism from fans of the franchise, leading many gamers to wonder what has happened to the company that produced so many masterworks during its heyday of the 80's and 90's.

Shortcomings and what should have been done to fix them

Street Fighter has been a series held in high regard since its original release in arcades back in 1989, but with its latest installment devotees of the series have found Capcom once again distributing sub par work. Beginning with the opening title screen, players witness first hand how little the title has to offer with its lack of an arcade mode, character selection, and lack of online services.


With a roster that once included legendary fighters like Guile, Akuma, and Fen Long, SFV now forces players to pay for unlocking new characters in order to expand on their character selection. This feature alone is a slap in the face considering how little one has to choose from, making the game an expensive purchase when one considers how many real world dollars you have to spend in order to get to the titles full capabilities. Unlike Mortal Kombat X which gave players a large selection of fighters to choose from, SFV makes it so that the DLC becomes more important than the original content itself.

Furthermore, the character designs have been changed so much that fighters such as Ken for example have been redone to a fault, taking away much from their originality.

Capcom's current state in the gaming world

With fans being burned in term of content quality and financially, Capcom as a company has become the new Sega in the eyes of many. The once great name has evolved into a corporation devoid of compassion toward a fan base that helped raise the company out of obscurity into a household name.


This misstep is just the first of many blows dealt toward consumers who have seen franchises such as MegaMan, Bionic Commando, and Resident Evil left to wither away under the ash heap of corporate cash grabs and substandard releases. Gone are the days when the DLC was just a small taste of what the game had to offer. A game like Street Fighter V should have offered more for its $60 price tag, or given players a full set of characters to choose from without the unnecessary surcharges that have become the standard in modern gaming.

Just imagine having to pay extra to play as the New England Patriots in the next Madden title? Such an act would send shockwaves throughout the video game community.

A lesson yet to be learned

Resident Evil 6 proved that too much change to a proven formula can be disastrous to a series. The only thing Street Fighter V needed was to deliver as they'd done in the past. Capcom, much like Konami, has fallen from grace. Not from its lack of creativity, but from its excess. The gaming world has gone through many phases in its history that have been tolerated by fans.


One thing a purchaser should not have to put up with is the consistent price gouging that empties one's wallet when $60 is already a bit too steep. Real world money should not even be a factor when playing a fighting series that is so rich in history that just the mere presence of its cover art on store shelves renders it a must-buy. Street Fighter V needed to be a throwback to what made the series a household name, much like what Revelations did for the Resident Evil franchise. Mindless one-on-one fighting should not have come at such a high cost, a tip that Capcom should learn from the creators of Mortal Kombat. The game as a whole isn't terrible, but it feels like buying an incomplete beta rather then a beloved classic.