Some Mesa, Arizona police officers now wear body cameras.  This helps verify what actually happens in an incident.  Mesa officer Philip Brailsford was wearing his when he shot and killed an unarmed man.

Officer liked the camera

In the past he had stated that he liked wearing the camera because he could look back and see what he had done wrong on a call.  In this case the video shows he shot an unarmed man 5 times.  The man was on the ground at the time.

For now, he has just been charged.  I don’t know all the facts and have not seen the video.


Cameras for all

I’m just thinking that maybe the time has come for all officers to wear body cams.  We hear stories, watch TV, and get various News reports about shootings by police.  What actually happens in real confrontations between the police and the public?

I want to believe the police are always acting professional, but I know there are exceptions.  This may be a good place to use the technology and record as much information as we can.

Eyewitness statements vary

Actual video is better than eyewitness statements.  Once the police and the public become aware that all things are recorded, actions may change.  Hopefully everyone on both sides will think a moment before acting.  If this saves a few lives, that is good.  If it makes sorting everything out after an incident easier, this is an improvement.

If you shoot you will be on video
If you shoot you will be on video

There are many groups claiming police brutality.  Other groups claim racial bias by police.  I’d like to know what’s really going on.  Thankfully, my contact with police is minimal.  I can’t use my own experiences to take sides on these issues.  The more video available, the more we can sort all this out.

Not just shootings

Not just in shootings or major crimes, but in all police calls.  Domestic disputes get messy.  Sometimes the officer is attacked by both sides when trying to calm down fighting spouses.  Later, without video it is hard to determine what went down.  Which spouse is the aggressor?


Did the officer handle it correctly?  If it goes to court, accusers statements can be easily be verified. 

Find the truth

Cameras won’t solve all our problems.  They may only be needed in a few cases.  But, any extra information should be helpful. 

I know if I was the family of the victim killed in Mesa, I would want more than a police report.  If I was the officer accused of murder and was innocent, I would want the video for proof.  The truth is what will finally calm the tension between the police and the public. 

The truth and proper action based on the truth. 






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