Beyonce has debuted a new athletic fashion line that the web is going insane over. The brand is called Ivy Park, a combination of her daughter's name (Blue Ivy) and Parkwood Park, the Texas park where she used to train before she became famous.

The look: sporty meets chic

The clothing line is the marriage of Victoria Secret's Pink femininity and husbandJay-Z's Rocawear style with a hint of Under Armour flexibility. It's comfortable, functional, and made for the lady with curves to spare. It features sports bras, halters, yoga pants, and sweats with a tight bandeau. The most alluring of all the apparel is the bodysuit, which only makes sense since its Beyonce's signature style.

The curvy singer often wears bodysuits on stage during her performance to highlight her voluptuous physique. It makes her curves look deeper and turns her thighs into an asset rather than a liability.

The line itself is great for the girl who wants to be fit but doesn't want to lose her womanly figure. In a video promoting the new line, girls of all shapes and sizes don the athletic apparel. Curvy girls look fit and full in all the right places, and thin girls look sporty and sexy. Overall, the brand has achieved a baggy chic design that manages to celebrate a woman's body rather than hide it.

Inspiration and integration

Beyonce never misses a chance to cross promote her brands. Her website lets you view video and photos of the Ivy Park brand while listening to instrumentals from her upcoming untitled album. Fans can click through each track but in between tracks, they will be blinded by flashes of text in black and white with sayings reminiscent of Nike's "Just Do It" campaign.

Since this is Beyonce, she had to add in "slay" and "flawless" for good measure. As expected, "Formation" is on the list of songs.

As for the inspiration for Ivy Park, Beyonce recalls a story of when she was a child training in Parkwood Park in Houston.

"I would wake up in the morning and my father would come knocking on my door, tell me that its time to go running," says the songstress in her promotional video. She recalls how she hated to run but that it taught her discipline, which is a theme that runs throughout the core of all athletes, elite or not. Later in the video, Beyonce revisits the park, carrying her daughter in tow to continue her training.

Marketing wise, Beyonce hits two powerful selling points with this video. First, training is at the heart of every athlete, and second, the public pretty much goes gaga every time they see the slightest photo of Blue Ivy. That's probably why she's popping up more and more. 'Yonce also previously featured her in her "Formation" video.

In any case, Beyonce and her team have shown that they are masters of marketing and have produced yet another hit, this time off the stage. Ivy Park launches in Top Shop, Nordstrom, and Hudson Bay nationwide on April 14th, 2016.

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