The best that can be said about Sunday night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is that it was more decorous than the Republican one the previous Thursday. Nothing about anatomy came up. However, things said during the debate were actually more frightening. An example occurred when Bernie Sanders, the venerable socialist from Vermont, said, "When you are white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

The statement, with its inherent racism and cluelessness, has raised eyebrows across the media, both social and conventional.


Implied in the remark is that all minorities are poor and live in ghettos while white folks at least exist in comfortable, middle class lives, if not lives of wealth and privilege. In fact, 10 percent of white people in America live below the poverty line while 26 or so percent of African Americans and Hispanics do so.

The statement does not make any sense when one considers that Sanders lived a hand to mouth existence from the time he left college until he turned about 40 and got his first government paycheck.

He was a failure at just about everything he did, living in a shack where the electricity was often turned off, driving a rust bucket of a car, just a step away from begging for loose change by the side of the road. If anyone knows about poverty, it is the lily whiter than white Bernie Sanders.

And some people wonder why so many Americans love Donald Trump. Trump may be a billionaire living a life of luxury that few people could ever obtain but, despite his many shortcomings, he gets the feelings of anxiety and anger than many people feel at how the economy and the government have treated them.


That insight and the ability to articulate it may yet win Trump the presidency.

Perhaps it is fitting that Sanders’ base of support consists of entitlement-addled millennials, innocent of history and economics, so untouched by life that the merest stress causes them to run crying to their safe spaces. Sander’s political success is a triumph of ignorance and revolutionary zeal, unburdened by reason and common sense.