Election year always creates animosity, strife, and bitter arguments. This year is particularly bitter. Each party is having its issues but the Republicans appear to be in a unique era of conflict within party lines.

People are tired of the same old rhetoric and the same old big money lies that have led nowhere on the political scene. They have created their own divide in the nation with not being willing to negotiate and make deals that would benefit America. The deals are my way or the highway and the losers are the American people. It is no wonder the infighting has begun.

The Leaders

Front-runner Donald Trump may seem like a Hun at the outset but if you listen closely to his words, he is speaking in a way most Republican party members dare not.

He may look like the worst choice anyone could make, but then again, what is the alternative? Cruz is certainly worthy of the Republican Party nomination but how can he compete with Trump. Mudslinging does not work as Mitt Romney can attest with his stand up speech denigrating Trump. His speech landed on deaf ears with Trump taking more primaries than anyone could imagine.

Cruz, where are you? Can you put a platform together to truly compete in this race?

The Platform

The platform today is still quite mysterious. So far words have only been to infuriate other Republicans. Slams and slashes have been more of the topic and you really have to dig through the various stories to enlighten yourself on the true platform of each candidate.

Or perhaps it is "no platform" necessary, get on the publicity wagon and get the popular vote.

The Hostility

Each rally that is held in the remaining states seems to bring outrages. Trump has been handling the protests by banning them from rallies. But outside the events, people are gathering in droves and are not happy with what is going on inside.

What effect, if anything, do these protests have on the voting in each state? America is divided and it is possible that this series of Republican primaries deepen the abyss.

The End is Near

If the Republican party falls apart, where will American politics be in the future? Are the Democrats not too far behind?

Their race is hot and heavily contended but I do not see the gap between candidates. Of course, each candidate has their own ideas and perhaps, in the long run, politics will be a matter of "shut-your-eyes" and hope for the best.

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