Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the Super Tuesday primaries in the sense that she won the most states and racked up the most delegates compared to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the venerable socialist from Vermont. But, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, her unfavorable ratings have spiked as well. 55 percent of Americans view Ms. Clinton unfavorably as opposed to only 42 percent who view her favorably.

These numbers are the sort that places any officer holder in jeopardy of being voted out of office. For someone attempting to be elected to public office, the numbers are devastating.

Why do so many Americans dislike the presumed first woman president of the United States? To be sure, her various ethical and legal difficulties have proven to constitute a millstone around her neck. The FBI investigation of Clinton’s unsecured email server where she stored classified information has shrouded her with the pall of a possible criminal indictment.

The Benghazi scandal also continued to dog Clinton’s candidacy, compromising both her honesty and her claims to competence.

The main impediment to Clinton’s march to the White House is that she has a very unpleasant persona. She is a terrible speaker on the stump, making animal noises, screeching, and assuming fake African American accents. She assumes the air of sanctimony, lecturing the people whom she expects to vote for her about the sins of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

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Democratic Party

She seems clueless about the anxieties of ordinary Americans.

Clinton’s plan for the general election campaign promises to be very unpleasant. Whether her Republican opponent is Donald Trump or not, a staffer described her strategy as being “hate and castrate” as opposed to the 2008 Barack Obama slogan of “hope and change.”

Head to head polling suggests that Clinton would lose the general election to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or John Kasich.

She edges out Donald Trump, but Trump has pushed the envelope where it comes to rude, aggressive campaigning. Trump has never been gentlemanly to women who have given him offense, as Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly can attest. He will not be gentle to Hillary Clinton.

Whoever the Republican nominee is, prepare for nastiness such as not been seen in modern politics.

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