Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has just signed a law preventing any city or county in AZ from enacting laws or ordinances which conflict with state law.

Thankfully, Arizona is sticking to their guns, (pun intended), on this issue.  We have seen several cities pass local laws to undermine the laws of the state.  Chicago and San Francisco come to mind.



Chicago has always wanted to control guns regardless of Illinois state law.  In the past, Chicago has tried to outlaw guns entirely.  Their laws were much stricter than the rest of the state.  Thanks to the NRA much of this is changing. 


San Francisco is another story.  They want to do anything and everything with no concern for state law.  San Francisco is one of the notorious sanctuary cities.  This means, basically, if you are an illegal immigrant that has committed a crime, you can hide out in San Francisco.  The city will not allow you to be turned over to authorities for trial or deportation. 

Not in Arizona

This is exactly why Arizona just passed and signed Senate bill 1487.  In Arizona, state law applies to the entire state. Whether it be guns, immigration, minimum wages, or even plastic bags the laws are uniform statewide.

In addition, the state will withhold funds from any non-compliant cities.  Cities in AZ now receive about 40 per cent of their general funds from state shared revenue.  If they don’t want to lose this, they have to toe the line.

Makes total sense to me.  What good are state laws if you can hide out in some local jurisdiction to avoid capture?


 Imagine for a moment that some large gang of criminals built their own town out in the desert.  I know it’s a stretch, but if these criminals got the help of a few law abiding citizens it could happen.

So now they have their own town called “Criminalville”.  Anyone who robs a bank, say, could escape to “Criminalville”, drink beer and relax.  There would be no worry of prosecution because the local laws would forbid it.

You could commit a crime and then hurry back to the safety of town.


No need to stay hidden once you were back in town.

Don’t think this could happen?  You may remember Kate Steinle who was killed in San Francisco by an illegal alien.  The killer had seven felony convictions and had been deported five times.  He was in jail and then released.  He was not turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as requested because San Francisco doesn’t honor those requests.  Instead, he walked down the street and killed Kate.


The purpose of this law is to prevent such things form happening in the State of Arizona.

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