A bill introduced to require all riders to wear a motorcycle helmet is going nowhere in Arizona. Current Arizona law requires helmets for riders and passengers under the age of 18. But if you are 18 or older it’s your choice to wear one or not.

Helmets reduce injury

There’s not much doubt that wearing a helmet reduces the chance of a serious head injury. But motorcyclists believe it’s their head and their right to take a chance.

I tend to agree. We don’t need the government regulating everything we do. Manufacturers need to be held accountable for product safety, but how we use those products should be our choice.

Our actions affect others

As long as our actions don’t infringe upon the rights of others, we should have choices. If a rider thinks the wind in his hair is worth the chance of head injury, who are we to argue?

However, in this case his choice may actually affect us. What about the cost of hospital or motorcycle insurance? Naturally as the increase in cost due to injury goes up, the cost of insurance will also rise.

Rider’s choice, rider’s responsibility

Should I have to pay high rates just because people are refusing to wear helmets? Also, what if I am the cause of a motorcycle accident and the rider is not wearing a helmet?

In this case, his injuries may be debilitating for life. Had he worn a helmet his injuries may have been minor.

I agree I am responsible, but should I have to pay out millions for a head injury? Why should I be penalized for him not wearing a helmet?

So there are two sides to this argument. My opinion is that the motorcyclist must take some responsibility for his choices.

This is where state law may be needed.

Not to enforce riders to wear helmets, but to make them responsible for their actions.

Make laws so that not wearing a helmet reduces liability claims. Encourage insurance companies to adjust their rates to strongly penalize non helmet riders.

Just be fair

In present times people want all kinds of rights and choices.

But when something goes wrong, they want to litigate. Simple disagreements turn into major lawsuits. Accidents just don’t happen anymore, according to lawyers, someone is always to blame.

Pure honesty and fairness does not come natural anymore. It comes down to a court of law. This being the case, we need to be sure the motorcyclists know the consequences of their actions.

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