For the past week, I have been driving the 2015 Lexus NX 200t Crossover SUV.

I need to get out more

I have to get out more I think. I have never had a car that I felt 'fit' me.

The width of the seats were snug and slip-proof. How cool is that?

The steering wheel adjusted up and down and forward and back. That's not new to me. But when I turned on and off the engine, the steering column promptly moved itself to a position that did not interfere with my long legs. How cool is that?

The seat rises and falls and moves forwards and backwards. Nothing new there. But I could also adjust the angle of the seat bottom to a suitable position.

How cools is that?

The headrest was less than an inch from the back of my head. How often does that happen? No whiplash just getting your head back to the headrest here. How cool is that?

It was the extra button that allowed me to give myself lumbar support, too that impressed me most. The driver's seat just plain fit. How cool is that?

Did I say the Lexus NX Crossover SUV was cool?

Turns out the seat needs to fit. This SUV is worthy of the S = sport. My wife and I have often talked of buying an SUV and I have always balked at driving a 'cow.' Not this vehicle.

There is plenty of spunk in its 2.0 liter engine. Turn the knob to sport, step on the gas and you can feel the difference. Not in the neck, however!

See comments above on the headrest.

The Lexus NX 200T is big enough to be big. Four golfers in the front and a trunk big enough for all their golf banks in the back.

Who would have thought that a SUV could feel this alive?

My obligatory feedback for Lexus

There are 3 manuals to go along with the car. The quick guide is 104 pages.


The full operation manual is thicker than a Harry Potter novel.

The navigation guide is 396 pages! And you need it, too. I can speak 4 languages but I could not figure out how to make the navigation work just by using the touch pad. Once I set the navigation to a destination I could not get back out.

Switching from satellite to bluetooth ... even my whiz 8-year old couldn't help me.

If Toyota didn't want you to watch the screen while driving it shouldn't be so much fun using the touchpad to mouse on the screen? Great touch! Pun intended.

The screen. I wonder why it has to be up all the time. Most drivers don't need the navigation screen 75% of the time ... or more. Could this fold down maybe?

Finally, I thought it was a peculiar mix of analog and digital displays. Perhaps in time I'd get used to this, but not during the first week.

Great Feel All Around

The feel of the car is hugely different from those my wife and I have in the driveway. There's a floating sensation as opposed to a riding one.

Driving the 2015 Lexus NT left me feeling content about being stuck in traffic instead of irritable. How cool is that?

Specs for the one I drove are in the images.

Sticker price for the one I drove: $43K.

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