Monica Crowley, a columnist for the Washington Times, speculates that when, as many expect, the FBI recommends that Hillary Clinton be indicted for various crimes surrounding her private, unsecured email server, her husband former President Bill Clinton will also be up on criminal charges. The idea is that if Bill Clinton stored the email server on his property and paid for it and if he saw any of the classified documents contained on it, he may be liable for criminal prosecution. The server was also used for Clinton Foundation work.


If the FBI finds out that any of the classified material was used to benefit the Clinton Foundation or the Clintons personally, then it would be within its rights and, Indeed its duty, to ask that the former president by charged along with his wife.

The crimes that the Clintons have been accused of, dating back to Whitewater and even before, have become the stuff of legends. Indeed, Bill Clinton became only the second American president in history to be impeached because of alleged perjury and obstruction of justice surrounding the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky affairs.

While Clinton escaped removal from office, impeachment blighted the last quarter of his time as president. He left the presidency under a cloud, with millions of people suspecting that he had escaped prosecution by clever lawyering and the aid and abetment of the media. The stories of criminal wrong doings by both Clintons have continued in the 15 years since the Clinton presidency,

If the Obama administration declines to indict, the next administration, should it be a Republican one, surely will.


If the Clintons are brought to trial and are convicted, the event would be one of the greatest examples of karma in modern times. Not since O.J. Simpson escaped conviction of a double homicide only to go to prison anyway years later for armed robbery has the like occurred.

For those who suffered from the 20 years and more of the Clintons, from the women they abused to ordinary Americans who were embarrassed by the antics of that heinous family, satisfaction cannot come too soon.