I watched the republican debate last night. I am confused about how we pick the correct candidate, whether democrat or republican.

Kids fighting on a playground

There’s too much fighting and arguing between candidates. They accuse each other of lying. Make statements about why other candidates are not fit for the job.

I want to know which one will make the best president. My opinion of who is the best choice may be different from yours. That’s okay. I just want to be sure all of us are making a knowledgeable decision.

Isn’t this a type of job interview?

Business managers hire job applicants by doing interviews and background checks.

They don’t call the applicants in at the same time. They don’t allow one to state his case by simply running down the others. It makes no sense for a business to pick employees based on the results of a shouting match.

Citizens hire the president

As citizens we need to make an informed choice. To do this we need the same tools as a business manager. Listen to one candidate at a time. Do our research for work history and reliability. Then choose one who meets our criteria for president.

Debates don’t work

How about one on one interviews? Do televised interviews with one candidate facing a panel of experts in various fields. Make sure all current issues of concern are represented. The panel could use their expertise in each field to better question the candidate and discuss the answers.

Panel members would be able to control the interview so that each question is answered in detail. Otherwise, it would be obvious the candidate does not have an answer.

Treat everyone the same

Don’t give an unfair advantage to any candidate. Keep the panel the same for all candidates. Keep the subject matter the same and the questions the same.

To do this it may be necessary to hold candidates off stage in a quiet room. This way candidates waiting to interview have no advance notice of the questions. They also need to give their best answer, because they don’t know what the previous candidate just said.

Too bad it has to be this way

Debates have always ruled in the past.

I would like them to continue. However, if the candidates can’t act respectably and answer the questions, we need a change.

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