Headlines, riots, protests, law suits, and more seem to follow the Uber movement. Uber drivers are just the first place where the Uber movement is beginning to edge into a well-established market. Is this ready to be the norm away from Taxi service.

Perhaps the injustice here is the exorbitant fees being charged for Taxi licenses and other expenses based on local regulations. Those fees can range from $200,000 to $1 million or more.

How is a driver expected to make a profit as that rate? In comes Uber with a new model and it will undermine the current situation in the car ride market. Uber is not the only one, all the car share companies also play into the disruption of a pricey option of taking a Taxi.

Yet, even with all the issues, people love the service! One friend from the Boston area stated, "They provided me with bottled water, snacks, and a choice of music.

Why would I ever take a Taxi again?"

So perhaps the issue is not "Taxi", the issue is customer service. That goes for any business not just the ride business.

Where are you when it comes to providing your products and services? Are your customer relations stellar or do you need to find a way to make strides into being above and beyond!

As far as the Uber movement goes, no one is really making large amounts of money but they are making a "living".

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For me, I would not want to just make a living, I would want to find a way to push my business in new directions, the missing pieces that make a difference between eking out a living and making a good profit.

Whatever marketing you are in, you need to be in it for the money first, the lifestyle second. Without the money Uber is not likely to make huge inroads.

Now back to other markets. Is your niche ripe for the picking when it comes to providing great service for lower cost?

The Travel industry has been hit with the do-it-yourself bookings but travel agents have survived by asking for fees to do-it-for-you! What industry is next? Real Estate? Online Marketing? 

Think about what you can do to provide your own sub-market using the Uber idea. The idea is great; the execution needs improvement. Rock the boat, build your business through disruption.

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