Whether you have been a smoker for a short period or many years kicking the habit is a very difficult task, and for some failure is the inevitable result. For those that have failed the first piece of advice is to not give up giving up – anyone can quit any habit, but it has to be done at the right time and in the right way.

Quit Smoking For Good With The Right Frame of Mind

Smoking is a habit and nicotine is a drug – both addiction factors, which can make the fight to quit smoking a real battle. With this in mind the most important tip to quit smoking is to approach the challenge with the right frame of mind;

  • You Must Have the Wish to Quit – Quitting for the right reasons is paramount, and you must be doing it for YOU. Trying to quit for a family member or loved one is a lovely thought; however, the reality is you will cave in to the craving at some point as your brain is not on the same wavelength as your heart.
  • A Positive Attitude – You can quit smoking, you will quit smoking. Try to focus on the achievement of every cigarette you have not smoked and not see the next as an obstacle, it is merely the next achievement waiting for you to be proud of.
  • An E-Cig – These can reduce cravings and distract you from cigarettes, but once you've quit you'll have to decide if you want to keep using the e-cig or quit that too.

The Little Things All Add Up

Try to avoid on relying upon one method or solution when you are ready to quit.

The more factors you can bring in to the equation the more achievements there will be for you to see and feel around you. This can include little efforts such as putting the money for your cigarettes or tobacco in a jar and watch it pile up over the days, each day you complete with no smoking could be marked with a token gift to yourself.

Find What is Right for You in Quitting

There is an endless array of ideas and methods to quit smoking, try to take a little time and research what works best for your personality and body. This will allow you to have the right tools in your belt when you tackle the habit and quit smoking for good.

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