Some of us start to feel fatigue or low after a period of time during a workout session. This will not only affect our performance, but will also stop us from exercising. The reason behind the unusual fatigue is low energy levels of our body. When it comes to working out, food impacts performance in different ways.

The right kind of foods can enhance your performance by gradually increasing the energy levels of your body. So, we bring to you some of the top workout foods that will boost energy levels and make your workout worthwhile.


Workout foods to boost energy levels

Eat easily digestible fruits

Fruits are a rich source of natural sugar, which is healthy and essential for our body. Fruits are loaded with carbohydrates, vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Always opt for easily digestible fruits, avoid those that are hard to digest (citrus fruits can hinder your exercise plan by causing stomach cramps).


The bran cereals or foods high in fiber and betaine boost energy levels and metabolic rate.

Bran cereal as a workout supplement will not only fuel your body, but also improve cell function and prevent dehydration during exercise.

So, for the pre-exercise breakfast, fuel yourself with bran flakes topped with some fruits.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt as a workout supplement is a great option, it's enriched with good carbohydrates and proteins which are beneficial for both exercise energy requirements and muscle growth.

Foods like Greek yogurt contain twice the protein as regular yogurt. For extra nutrition and a natural energy boost, add some of your favorite berries.

4.  Oatmeal

Oats can be a great option when it comes to boosting your energy levels.


Oats provide glucose, which fuels our muscles and is also a great choice for losing weight. Foods like oats encourage the body to burn fat quicker in order to fuel muscles.

So, to enhance the effects of your workout try oatmeal pancakes three hours before the exercise session. During workout sessions, it will slowly release sugar in the body while keeping energy levels balanced.

5.  Liquid meals

Liquid meals such as nutrient rich shakes and smoothies are great options for post-workout foods. They are enriched with all the essential post exercise nutrients, which will help you to boost your energy levels.

Some people grab a big meal after exercising, but it's not at all good for our body, as it can add weight.

Have foods like liquid meals make it easier for the body to access useful nutrients from a liquid diet. The faster these nutrients enter your body, the faster you will be able to build muscles and recover.

Trail mix

Foods like trail mix make a great option as pre and post-workout food, as it fulfills the need of minerals which get lost during workouts. A well prepared trail mix contains a mix of nutrients, which are essential for maintaining energy levels during workouts.


Protein-rich foods

After a workout session, your body needs essential nutrients that get lost. Foods like eggs, chicken, or fish are loaded with protein and will provide your muscles with amino acids that will help them to rebuild stronger. The protein rich foods also enhance the effects of your workout.