I bought new batteries for my diesel truck. The battery store asked which price level of battery I wanted.  The cheap ones have a 1 year warranty while the expensive ones are warranted for 5 years.

Arizona is hot in the summer

Living in Arizona I know the summer heat will kill batteries in 2 or 3 years maximum.  Therefore, I buy the 5 year batteries. My truck takes 2 and if they go bad in less than 5 years, the store will replace them for free.

Fast forward 2 years

Now two years later my truck won’t start.  All indications are the batteries are dead.  I jump start the truck and go to the battery store.


The manager checks them with a meter and they both fail.  He tries a different meter and they still fail.

Then instead of replacing them he informs me my alternator is bad.  Not his problem.  In addition, he stated that his company would not have given the batteries a 5 year warranty unless they knew positively they would last that long.

Auto garage to the rescue

Next stop with my truck is the auto service garage.  The mechanic checks the entire charging system.  Nothing is wrong, the batteries are just shot.  I get a printed receipt showing the diagnostic test and return to the battery store.

Manager is concerned

Now the manager is concerned because he has no choice but to replace my batteries.  Once again, I remind him that it’s just the Arizona heat.  No battery can take this heat.  Not even his best one.

After giving me new batteries he then informs me that the old ones went bad because I didn’t have a battery minder on my truck.  He would be happy to sell me one, but I refused.  He then stated that if the new batteries go bad they would not be covered due to my lack of proper maintenance.


Don’t worry about it

I told him no worries because I was taking my business elsewhere.  It is interesting however, that the new identical batteries now only carry a 2 year warranty.  Maybe this company is new to Arizona and are just now catching on.

In days long gone, companies cared about your business.  Small business especially needed to keep customers.  Nowadays the big companies hire cheap labor at all levels and the employees just don’t care if you shop at their store or not.

I hope we can change this somehow, but until we do, it’s hard to negotiate with an employee who is only temporary.