President Barack Obama has announced that he intends to visit Cuba on his next international trip in March. The announcement has elicited expected a harsh reaction from Cuban Americans, including presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio. The prospect of an American president clinking glasses with the Castro brothers while the machinery of the Cuban police state continues unabated, filling prisons with political dissidents, is proving to be unedifying to many Americans who love freedom. But that disquiet is part of the reason Obama is going. He revels in it.

However, the main reason Obama is going to Cuba is that he is legacy building.

Nixon went to China. Reagan brought down the Soviet Union. Even Jimmy Carter made peace between Israel and Egypt. Clearly, Obama needs something under his belt before he departs on Marine One for the last time.

By preference, Obama would like to go to Teheran. The idea of bringing Iran back into the community of nations warms the president’s heart. However, the mullahs are being uncooperative, already flouting the nuclear weapons agreement before the ink was dry. Besides, considering Iran’s tendency toward hostage taking, President Obama might not return, at least before President Trump or President Cruz sends in the SEALs to get him.

So, Cuba has to do. Cuba would like an influx of American tourists to bring in some hard currency, so the Castro brothers are toning down the vitriol and troublemaking.

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Besides, Obama has promised to bring up the subject of human rights. Raul and Fidel Castro will likely listen politely and then order a few more hundred enemies of the people into jail.

Obama so likes rubbing his opponents noses into the piles of offal that he creates, in this case, the opening of relations to an unrepentant communist dictatorship. Indeed, if he were asked what is best in life, he would respond, “To crush my enemies, to drive them before me, and to hear the lamentations of the Republicans.” Those lamentations will be as sweet as music to the president, and he proclaims the new era of American-Cuban relations.