Tension in Europe

Political tension in Europe is increasing. The diplomatic relations between two of the most influential countries within the European Union, (France and the United Kingdom) have reached a deadlock. There are many causes that led to that, but the reason is mainly related to the issue of immigrants from the East, or to the Eurosceptic views within the UK civil society, which are gaining more and more ground.

According to Reuters, the disagreement between London and Paris rests upon the demand of the London administration to have the right to veto regarding the European Union’s monetary policy. This request is formulated given that London has already been granted many favors by Brussels.

Let us not forget that the United Kingdom kept the national currency, the pound sterling, whereas states with equally powerful economies such as Germany or France renounced the Deutsche mark (which at that moment was regarded as tragic by the German people), and the French franc respectively.

The French President Francois Hollande was referring to this very fact. Although London’s claims may seem exaggerated, Cameron has some leverage in the negotiation. A referendum is to be organized next year in the UK whereby citizens are to express their agreement or disagreement with the UK remaining in the European Union. Considering the fact that many citizens already request a separation from Brussels, David Cameron’s demand, although far-out, seems less tragic.

Potential exit for the UK

A potential exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union would immensely destabilize the European economy which is already struggling to keep afloat. There would be significant losses on the British side.

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The European Union represents the main export market for the British economy, but also an area with cheaper workforce brought from Central and Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania). Still, many citizens in the UK are willing to cast aside the common European citizenship of their country. The reason why Cameron counts to such an extent on the dissolution of the European Union is somehow understandable.

This deadlock between London and Paris may be the beginning of the swan song of the European Union in its current form. Moreover, the international scene is rather fraught with other unknown turns, of which Russia’s ascension stands as a genuine threat.