The well-oiled Clinton machine

Hillary Clinton will not confront head on, the painfully obvious origins of her campaign war chest. When what is a big issue for many is brought up, we hear crickets or a spin to somehow cast things in a favorable light. Make no mistake, you can't have it both ways.

We have to ask ourselves how much we believe in each candidate, and evaluate them on their merits. It should be abundantly clear by now, thatthe Sanders campaign is not accepting support from moneyed interests. His opponent on the other hand, is flush with what we may as well call blood money, because policy priorities will be directly influenced by it, and real human livesare at stake here.

Do we endorse dynastic politics, embrace a campaign finance system that an overwhelming nearly 80 percent of Americans want to see changed,and a candidate whose positionhas shifted on multiple issues to remain relevant?

The decision that needs to be made

This primary season, Americans will need to decide on whom they can rely, to be an extension of most, if not all of their values, first as a person, then as a citizen of the United States. The abilityfor us to even make these decisions as a right should not be taken lightly, and there seems to be a real disconnect from a past in which many risked their lives to do so. Everyone who can vote owes that right to the people who fought for it. To not givethe real issues affectingyour life today a lengthy consideration isn't justa disservice to yourself, but also to the rest of the country.

I believe the choice is clear. We cannot put faith in a leader who has already succumbed to Washington pessimism. We cannot put faith in one who accepts millions from the very sources of our deepest problems, while promising to regulate theinterests behind them.

Hillary is tryingwade into the river of progress, asthe figurative safety lines of herdonors are tied around herin case sheslips and begins to drown,all the while labelling herself a progressive.

Sorry Madam Secretary, you can't sit onthis fence with full pockets.

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