The NFL website reported that the Cleveland Browns have ended the Johnny Manziel experiment. After two years, the Browns will cut ties with the troubled quarterback in March to free up cap salary space. The move should free up extra cash to sign more future busts. Since returning to the NFL in 1999, the Cleveland Browns have consistently finished last in the AFC North, which includes the Bengals, Ravens, and Steelers.

The move didn’t surprise anyone outside the Cleveland Browns organization. New head coach Hue Jackson has made comments that he needed a quarterback, which likely meant Manziel wasn't staying in Cleveland.

No other teams have expressed an interest in Manziel. Allegedly, the Dallas Cowboys may have an interest, but the team has denied it. Before the Browns chose Manziel, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones previously expressed interest in the former Texas A&M quarterback. Other NFL teams avoided drafting Manziel because of histroubled history. Paul Manziel has publicly said he fears his son will not live to see his next birthday.

Former draft bust Ryan Leaf reaches out to Johnny Manziel

Even Ryan Leaf, the worst bust in NFL history, is commenting on Manziel’s issues. Leaf says he sees himself in Manziel. In 1998, the San Diego Chargers drafted Ryan Leaf in the first round. The Chargers expected him to become their franchise quarterback.

Instead, he became a pariah. Former teammateRodney Harrison has referred to Leaf as an idiot. Like Manziel, Leaf had his own troubles that extended past the playing field. He had a poor work ethic and a drug addiction.Media sources said Leaf has reached out to Manziel, who has statistics similar to Leaf’s:

  • Manziel (2 seasons) 6.5 yards per attempt, interception to touchdown ratio of 1, and a 57.6 percent completion rate.
  • Leaf: (4 seasons) 5.6 yards per attempt, interception to touchdown ratio of 0.4, and a 48.4 percent completion rate.

Manziel’s issues include accusations of domestic violence and alcoholism.

ESPN reported that Dallas Police have opened a case against Manziel for threatening to kill Colleen Crowley, an ex-girlfriend. Regardless of what fans think about Manziel, his inner circle will need to huddle together and get him help.

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