Donald Trump has threatened to sue Ted Cruz, not only to challenge his eligibility to run for president but more recently for libel because of claims made in a campaign commercial. Cruz has finally responded, replying, in effect, “Bring it.” In fact, Cruz suggested that he would welcome the opportunity to personally deposed Trump in a courtroom. Trump may want to rethink his blustering. Tangling with Ted Cruz in court is the rough equivalent of going rounds with Rhonda Rousey in the ring.

The ad in question shows clips of Trump expressing decidedly liberal positions on issues like abortion, the implication being that his more current pro-life position has more to do with getting elected president as a Republican than a change of heart.

Cruz went on to hammer home his point, suggesting that Trump’s record makes him unreliable on the issue of abortion, something that should give some of his supporters pause.

The question arises, why is Trump behaving this way? Every poll suggests that he is cruising to a comfortable victory in South Carolina. Many political analysts suggest that Trump is all but unstoppable, no matter what he says or what other say about him. All he has to do is to give his standard stump speech about “making America great again” while contemptuously dismissing his opponents like Cruz.

The threat of a lawsuit smells suspiciously like hysteria.

It is tempting to think that Trump’s threats are all part of some clever stratagem, designed to cement his victory and utterly crush his enemies. He may think that his threats will cause Cruz to back off on the ads. He has indeed used the strategy to great effect in his business dealings.

But Cruz is not backing down and is vowing to run the ad with higher frequency.

He has thus executed a riposte against Trump that placed the mercurial businessman in an untenable position. Either he has to back off of the lawsuit threat, making him seem weak, or he has to go ahead with the suit and thus play the game on Cruz’s turf. Each course is bad for Trump. In any case, the dustup shows a disturbing foretaste how Trump would behave as president.

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