Most people use social media to post their thoughts and opinions on everything from grandma’s birthday to what they ate for dinner. At least that’s what the average person does. But social media is a different animal when used by Celebrities. For instance, celebrities like Kanye West use social media to share unusual information. Forbes reported that West used Twitter to announce he owes $53 million in debt.

And here I am trying to figure out how to pay back student loans. I even read somewhere that someone started a funding page to collect money for him.


If he owes $53 million, then he has had at least $100 million in his bank account. So where did his money go? He’s spending money like he’s managing the government’s national debt. Kim Kardashian [VIDEO], his better half, clearly has an issue with him releasing this information. She has a valid point because my wife would not want me telling people on Facebook that I have money woes. 

Since I cannot even imagine owing anyone a million bucks, I have a few suggestions for Kanye to avoid financial ruin:

  • Hire Sally Struthers or Sarah McLachlan to do a fund-raising commercial. Call it the "Save Kanye from bankruptcy relief effort." Struthers could start off like this: “With the price of a cup of coffee, you can help the greatest musician alive reduce his bills. Your donation of a $1 daily gift will keep him around so he can continue making negative Taylor Swift [VIDEO] comments and sharing his unsolicited opinions. Please help and call the toll-free number on your screen.”
  • Borrow the money from your mother-in-law Bruce Jenner.
  • Instead of owning 50 cars, just keep one since you can only drive one at a time.Trade the Benz in for a family van.
  • Move into a smaller mansion. Like cars, why have 30 bathrooms when you only use one at a time?          
  • Get a part-time job delivering pizza. Imagine your tips once they realize you’re Kanye West.
  • Sell something on an infomercial like the George Foreman grill. Or maybe you can replace the annoying Geico gecko. However, I don't think anyone would even notice the difference.
  • Have a yard sale.

Obviously, the best way to reduce debt is to spend less than you earn.

I know your friends and “yes-men” will think you’re lame, but who cares what they think. Besides, they probably don’t like you anyway. For now, you are only leasing your lifestyle. After you die, someone else will get your stuff without working as hard for it as you did.