We need a president that's going to sustain the movement that gets them elected. The president we elect must rally the public from the office and take their agenda to the people post-campaign.

Misunderstanding and lasting changes

There's a severe misunderstanding in our society that the president can work like a dictator and change everything on their own. When the perception comes that promises haven't been kept, it breeds apathy in all voter ranks and then results in disillusionment. Bernie Sanders is being realistic in telling us that he can't do this alone. Of course, there's much that can be done through executive action, rule setting, agency and court appointments, but the public must be engaged if we are to affect the lasting change we all want.

The only way this will happen is with a communication plan like no other. We're going to need more than weekly addresses and press conferences. We need someone who understands what's at stake and isn't afraid to argue with even the lowest of the low, because for every one of those crazy people who have infiltrated our government, there are minds outside whichfollow blindly, but can be changed.

Lying and holding those accountable

Nothing is below the office, just as nothing is below any of us. We're all intertwined and must approach our governance without forgetting that fact. An argument that may seem petty and vile, needs to be countered with fact and snuffed out in the public sphere. Liars must be caught with their pants down when it counts.

Once the party of doom and gloom realizes there's no escape and are stripped of the wool they try to pull over everyone's eyes, we will begin to see progress.

Attacks from Clinton camp

Lately there have been brutal attacks from the Hillary camp, which label the Sanders agenda as unattainable in the "real world."I say that this worldshespeaks of isn't some alternate reality to ours, it's the same.

It's just one in which we believe we have the capacity to change the things that are fundamentally wrong with this country.I find it saddeninghow the establishment has conditioned us all to believe in the idealism that is the American dream, and yet, when it comes down to numbers in a vote, that all seems to goout the window.

I wholeheartedly place blame on thisestablishment that has created an entire generation of believers, an establishment that is now attempting to rob us of the belief thatanything is possible.

It's entirely disingenuous to characterize the Sanderscampaign as "idealistic." Much of what's being fought for -- busting trusts, reining in the excesses of the financial industry, creating jobs through investing in infrastructure, providing healthcare, protecting workers, and enabling unions --all have been done before. These have been proven to be realistic goals and effective solutions to major problems.

What isidealistic, is acting as if allowing things to continue as they are will be best for a nation grappling with the dangers of the status quo, where banks and major corporations are allowed to do whatever they wish, without consequence, while we are left to pay for their mistakes.

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