Whether you are aiming to shed a few pounds or keep your physique, the following tips will help you achieve and maintain a healthy body, no change to your diet or daily routine, just natural weight loss.

Weight loss and water

When breaking down the elements of the human body it's evident we're a rather large mass of water, therefore, controlling the amount of water in the body will naturally aid weight loss. With this in mind the following drinks will ensure you lose weight naturally for their individual reasons.

Drinks to aid naturally

  • Rose Petal Water – Placing a handful or fresh, or dried rose petals into your water will encourage the kidneys to produce more sodium, this in turn will draw water from the blood, decreasing the amount of liquid in the body's circulation and aiding natural weight loss.
  • Green Tea – A slightly disputed drink regarding the effectiveness of weight loss when drinking green tea. However, green tea contains caffeine, catechins, and theanine. Each of these components has a benefit: caffeine speeds up bodily processes, catechins act as an anti-oxidant, and theanine encourages the release of dopamine, relaxing the mind and preventing comfort eating.
  • Dandelion and Peppermint Tea - This drink will help maintain a healthy liver, a vital organ in aiding natural weight loss. The liver will not only detoxify the body, but also plays a vital role in the metabolic process by breaking down fats and turning them into usable energy. The tea also encourages the production of bile to assist with digestion and absorption of nutrients. This means your body gets the maximum goodness from food before throwing out the waste.

Drop pounds naturally through snacking

Snacking plays an enormous role in weight gain, opting for some snacks over others will help you lose weight naturally while making you feel content through eating.

Opt for snacks such as apples, asparagus spears, or even flax seeds – each of these provides huge benefits to achieve weight loss.

Kill cravings with chocolate

This will come as a surprise to many, however, the right chocolate can help with weight loss. Chocolate that consists of at least 70% cocoa will ensure that it doesn't contain too much sugar or milk to still see benefits. A small amount of this dark chocolate can help remove the craving for sugar, salt, and fat.

Rest well and moderate

Sleep is paramount, even small amounts of sleep deprivation can cause issues with the metabolism of the body. A routine will help by allowing the body to slow itself and then prepare for resting and repairing through the night.

Cutting out caffeine and nicotine before bed will aid this greatly. A look to the saying too much of anything is bad for you will also help you create guidelines when you wish to lose weight naturally. Try to avoid over-indulging on anything, even if it seems a healthy option.

These tips will not turn you into a size zero overnight, and for many this is never the intention.

Using some or all of the above ideas for natural weight loss together with a good routine and ample sleep can help you achieve natural weight loss and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

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