I am reminded of something a friend told me when he was sent a coupon to save $5000 or some such number off the price of a car that was upwards of $75,000. His response was, "I can't afford to save that much." Stop. Wait. It'll come to you.

How much do we love our little girl?

My wife and I have just one little girl. We love her as much as any doting parents love their only child.

Apparently, we don't love her monetarily as much.

Or I'll say we won't love her monetarily as much. Even I could pay that much, I won't.

We went shopping for a kindergarten. I know it is expensive to live here in Silicon Valley. A DINK (Double Income No Kids) couple in San Francisco can EACH be making $150K and still not be able to buy a house in the, ahem, City.

I thought I was prepared to be shocked by tuition costs for a private kindergarten. I was not prepared to be stunned.

My little girl thinks I am ignoring her

"Daddy? Daddy?! Daddy!!??"

The number ringing in my ears was so loud I couldn't hear what my daughter was saying.

The school wanted $26K to teach my daughter animal sounds and to play ring around the rose-y.

The walls were not lined with gold. I still had to pack lunch and participate in parents-let-the-overpaid-administration have a day off days. I had to pay extra for uniforms and a few more $1000 for field trips.

I'll stick with the basic tuition costs and let me get out my calculator. Two hundred days of school a year at $26K equals $130 per day. Six and half hours of day equals $20/hr for my kid to be in kindergarten! And I am paying while she eats her lunch ... that I made!

Price for a little girl to go to school for 13 years

Now suppose my daughter were to go to school here for all 13 years it takes to prepare to spend $65K annually to attend college.

Lessee... $26K x 13 = $338,000!

To top things off, the rooms were full - 20 students = $500K per class per year! Parents were in line ahead and behind us to get in.

Two crimes are being committed here.

  • The school charges that much is one crime.
  • The second crime is parents are shelling out the money.

It used to be we joked about buying swimming pools for our dentists. Now we buy a Prius for our kids teachers.

EACH year!

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