She was thought to be "Unbreakable".

Sports Illustrated, the world's most dominant sports magazine on the planet, told us that this is what she was in May 2015 as its cover girl. If that wasn't enough, SI opined on this very cover that she was "The world's most dominant athlete" regardless of gender, usurping names like LeBron or Mayweather.

After mauling two women with the little known Strikeforce in 2011 (and with only a 3-0 amateur MMA record), Ronda Rousey caught the attention of UFC boss Dana White, who immediately matched her the highly touted and super-sexy Meisha Tate. Rousey went after Tate with the mentality of a serial killer, damn near (literally) breaking her arm off in March 2012.

Either a star or a monster was born.

It can even be said that Rousey was created-- for there was no women's division at all; as White, the MMA version of "The Black Hand", crowned her as its UFC women's bantamweight champion following her destruction of Tate. So shrewd was White that he made sure that ESPN showed footage of Rousey and Tate's very real beef before that fight while leaking evidence of Rousey's carnal ways. Just prior to their bout, Ronda stared into cameras within range of a reporter from and dismissed Tate in the most arrogant fashion she could muster.

"I don't have respect for Meisha's inconsistency. One minute its about the sport, the next she's wearing booty shorts," sneered a jealous Rousey, who has since posed without booty shorts.

"I'm gonna talk a bunch of sh*t. And I'm going to break a couple of girls' arms, and I'm not going to feel the least bit sorry about it."

She did just that for the most part, as arguably the most popular sports figure in the world over the next two years. There she was dissing and eclipsing former Strikeforce champion turned gorgeous movie star Gina Carano, appearing in "The Expendables" and "Fast and Furious" franchises, all the while KO'ing world class women in :13 seconds.

There was a smugness to her "Iron" Mike Tyson-like dominance, which lead Tyson himself to observe her brand of badass in training before an annihilation of Bethe Correia last August. She was chiming in on other fighters in negative ways while famously getting into a war of words with Floyd Mayweather.

She even went so far as to suggest that she's beat his ass in a street fight.

Drinking the entire pitcher of her Kool-Aid (to hell with a glass), I believed her.

But there was something utterly nasty about her prior to what thought to be a November 2015 write-off against Holly Holm, a world class boxer. While Holm showed nothing but class throughout the promotion, Rousey went out of her way to be classless while being equal parts crass.

What's more, I noticed an element of bully in Rousey that Holm wasn't buying- and Rousey knew it. At the weigh-in before their fight, Rousey attempted to intimidate Holm and was forced to fallback on the podium. All of a sudden, there was an air of competitiveness to this bout of Tyson/Douglas proportions and Holm didn't disappoint.

She beat the absolute breaks off of Rosuey in a way that was as thorough as it was shocking.

Still, there was Holm extremely concerned about Rousey after the fight in a way that [she] wouldn't have been afterward, so forgive me if I don't care at all about the sympathy plea Ronda put on display while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week. While not dismissing her claims of being suicidal following her massive loss, this is a person that has forgotten just five years ago that she was a pot-smoking, beer drinking waitress who was living in her car.

This is also the very same person who decided to hang her "friend" Manny Pacquiao out to dry following his comments against gay marriage, even though it was he who came to her aid with prayer after she was left all wet by Holm.

She said something to the effect of the bible doesn't say 'thou shalt not be gay'.

I hope she gets her ass kicked again.

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