Robert Reich, for those who came of age after the 1990s, was President Bill Clinton’s first Labor Secretary. It can be safely said that he was more left of center than most people who served on that cabinet. It is therefore not surprising that Reich, now an author and a professor, seriously does not like Ted Cruz. Cruz, he recently opined, is far more dangerous than Donald Trump. Many people, noting the chaotic nature of the real estate tycoon turned politician, may dispute this. But, in a weird way and from a far left perspective, Reich is on to something.


Indeed, many are pointing to Reich’s Salon article as a back handed endorsement of the senator from the state of Texas.

According to Reich, Cruz is more “fanatical” than Trump, by which he means that he adheres to a conservative ideology that he finds to be abhorrent.

Cruz is also a “true believer” which means that he is a conservative or, as Reich puts it, a man who embraces “radical right economic and political views.”

Cruz is more disciplined and strategic than Trump. These qualities would ordinarily be considered good things in a potential president, but they positively frightens Reich, since they make Cruz more effective in advancing his agenda.

Finally, Cruz stands alone and is willing to “destroy government institutions” to get what he wants. Many people, noting how oppressive that some of these institutions have become (think IRS and EPA, among others) believe that this is a feature and not a bug. But Reich, who loves government above all else as the source of what is good and right, looks askance.

One way to judge a political candidate is by looking at how his enemies view him or her. Cruz is feared and hated by a lot of the political class of both parties for just the very reasons that Reich described.


They don’t like Trump either but, as Jimmy Carter once opined, he can be dealt with. Cruz would be entirely unreasonable in insisting that his view be put into practice. Whether this is a hood or bad thing depends on your point of view.