There is a whole ocean of musicians out there, and because there are so many, it gets harder and harder everyday for a new musician to separate himself from the rest. Ethan Hopkins has a song called “Ocean” that was recently released and available as a free download.

Why does this matter?

Of all the factors that go into creating a song, the most important component isthat it sounds refreshing. I’m sure most of the songs on your playlist sound refreshing to you. That’s why you have them and listen to them. With the endless sea of musicout there, it’s difficult to make a song that sounds refreshing.

Now, I’m not a musician or a professional music critic but when I discovered thissong, it sounded new. It’s refreshing and that’s something Indie artists like Hopkins need to provide their listeners.

So who is Ethan?

He’s a pop musician based in Wyoming. Understandably, you’ve probably never heard a thing about him, though his music is available on Spotify, Rhapsody, and others.Ethan hasbeen involved in music since he was seven. His mom put him in piano and later he picked up the guitar, ukulele, bass, and cello. He’s particularly fond of saying his influences include whatever sounds good. Some of his music reminds me of Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes.

He commonly says that he makes catchy, feel-good music with down-to-earth lyrics.

That's not something you can hear a lot. If you turn on the radio, you can hear a lot of music that has dramatic lyrics that no one who lives a normal life could possibly relate to. When I hear his music it sounds very relatable.. almost like it’s just a conversation. His styles include pop, indie, folk, and blues.

I think he has a style similarto Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Otis Redding, Vance Joy, or Hozier.

As for the track itself, the recording quality is rough, which in some ways adds a touch of realism and authenticity to the overall sound. Ultimately, it could benefit from some polish and tightening up, but there is definitely a foundation here to build upon.

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