While Republicans debate whether Ted Cruz is Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan, Democrats are faced with a similar conundrum concerning Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont. Some more elderly Democrats, with memories going back decades, wonder if the angry, white-haired socialist is the second coming of George McGovern.

In 1972, George McGovern was a senator from South Dakota who managed to get the Democratic nomination for president and proceeded to get a 49 state thumping at the hands of then President Richard Nixon. Ironically, Nixon was obliged to leave office just two years later in disgrace as a result of the Watergate scandal.

McGovern lost because his platform, which consisted of socialism at home and appeasement abroad, was too extreme for the taste of the American electorate. Old Democrats are looking at Sanders, whose philosophy is about the same as McGovern’s, and are quaking in terror at the prospect of the venerable Bolshevik drowning in a landslide at the hands of someone like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or, horror of horrors, Donald Trump. That vision is one reason older Democrats are reluctantly shuffling to Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she is under FBI investigation for multiple felonies.

Young millennials do not have political memories that go back further than the 2008 hope and change era of Barack Obama.

They like Sanders’ message of free college, free health care, free everything just fine. Not knowing a lot about economics, younger Democrats are vague on how all this free stuff is going to be paid for. After all, does not Denmark and France manage the socialist utopia that Sanders is of which preaching the gospel?

The problem is that Sanders is more likely to create another Venezuela, who the end game of socialism is causing the country to descend into a state of nature.

The Iowa Caucus, which was almost literally decided on a coin toss, revealed the deep divide that afflicts the Democratic Party, between the left and the far left, the criminal and the crazy man.

The Republicans may be fighting like the Irish family in the song “Finnegan’s Wake” but they can rest easy in the knowledge that the next president is more likely than not to have the letter R after his name.

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