Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, the avowed socialist candidate for president of the United States, at first, took the charming position that he was tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails.” Some pundits believed that his pronouncement, at one of the clandestine Democratic debates, lost the election for the elderly candidate.

However, two things have since happened. First, the email server scandal has gotten serious indeed, with mounting evidence that Clinton committed multiple felonies by having top secret and above top secret intelligence ensconced on her unsecured service.


Second, contrary to the judgement of the pundits, Sanders is surging in the polls.

Both developments must have been on Sanders’ mind when he told CNN’s Jake Tapper that, after all, the email server scandal is a “serious issue.” He still refuses to call Ms. Clinton out on the matter. But, to coin a phrase, at this point what difference does it make? Not only are media reports providing a steady stream of information on Clinton’s malfeasance, but the FBI may well do Sanders’ job for him and recommend an indictment, crippling Clinton’s chances whether the Obama Justice Department follows through or not.

The prospect of having the presidency snatched from her a second time will be as bitter gall and wormwood for Clinton. But, as the ancient Greeks would say, after hubris comes nemesis and with a vengeance.

In a few weeks, at most, Sanders may find himself to be the last man standing in the race for the Democratic nomination. That development will cause the Democrats to either accept the fact that they are in for a 50 state landslide thumping or to scramble to find another candidate who, at this point, would keep losses down to 30 states or so.


One hopes that Vice President Joe Biden is tanned, ready, and rested and has the time to take off from his quest to find a cure for cancer to stave off the cancer that is eating the Democratic Party from the inside.

Otherwise, the Democrats will have managed a feat hitherto thought to be impossible, electing Donald Trump or Ted Cruz president.