2 North Korean Propagandists Converse

"Hey, Kim. Hold that balloon for a moment. I'll be right back. I gotta go take a dump."

"Sure, Park. I'll be right here."

Moments a later.

"Hee, hee. Let's put this in the balloon, too."

"That looks pretty heavy, I wonder if it'll fly.  What!? We can't waste perfectly good toilet paper. Let me use the other side before we put  it in."

North Korea Raises a Stink

Leave it to North Korea to bring new meaning to the phrase, 'Raise a stink.'

Nobody would ever accuse the North Koreans of playing with a full deck.


Well, maybe Dennis Rodman thinks the North Korean leadership is cool. And look where that mutual respect got them.

North Korea claims they have nukes. South Korea claims the freedom to defend itself.

South Korea decided to attack the North by blaring K-pop on loudspeakers. The North claimed the right to defend themselves.

The United States had to step in to calm down its ally in the South. China, the only remote friend the North has did their best to calm them.

The North said they were going to send a long-range rocket carrying a satellite into orbit.

The South turned the K-pop music back on. The North really doesn't like the music. Go figure.

Best Practice Propaganda

Kim Jong decided he'd propagandize his sworn enemies. Helium-filled balloons were to be floated across the DMZ with little timers in them that would tell the little blimps when to pop. Take that K-pop!

The messages of salvation would then float down over the unsuspecting earthlings and they would swoon over the god to the north and ... well, I don't think the North leadership thought that part out.

Surprise, surprise. The  North Korean-made timers didn't usually work. The hot air-filled balloons, probably bottled up during classes offered up by the party leaders landed in the south intact.


South Korean officials feared biological warfare.

This reminds me of a quote I heard by a Japanese politician when I lived in Japan. "Let them fire rockets at us from North Korea. There's not much chance they'll hit us anyway."

They were partly right.

Included with the leaflets in the balloons were cigarette butts, human poop and used toilet paper, which presumably came from a different kind of butt.