Boy From The Crowd is another alternative rock band based in East London, United Kingdom. Although alternative rock is their main focus of music, they include sounds from the stylings of indie, punk, and blues. Band members consist of Vinny Piana and Vegas Ivy. The relationship between these two musicians is very strong, as they both possess similar musical inclinations. Their homogeneous devotion to music has led them to be described as two brothers from different mothers. This band is committed to developing innovative ways to explore various genres of music and create new sounds that collectively display the soulfulness of blues, the edginess of punk, and the vivacious energy of rock.


Their current EP titled Where the Bees Come to Die was released on July 12th, 2015, featuring a musical makeup that is comparative to Bowie, Jon Spencer Blues, and The Clash.

Vocal Display

Vinny is responsible for the singing of all songs. His voice is evocative and has grainy characteristics. It is aggressive, commanding, and antsy. I can slightly hear his British accent make appearances in the songs, which adds a fashionable touch to the music. The raspy expression of Vinny's voice complements the grunge-heavy nature of the music.

On the other hand, I do not find the moments when he screams to be notably tasteful in display. The screams sound too disorganized for my liking. Overall, his singing is not too abrasive or overwhelming to my ears.

Favorite song for vocals: “The Road”


Vinny and Vegas are responsible for the instrumentation. The band makes use of guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and percussion. The instrumental output is quite ample and in-your-face, but not too forceful. The musical texture is a combination of deeply melodic as well as upbeat and hearty qualities.


The song “Revelator” is a good example of that content. It sounds like a highly stimulating 1980s rock anthem. I think it's the kind of music rock lovers would want to wildly dance to. What stands out the most are the gritty sounds of the electric guitar and the drums. The grunginess and spontaneity of the instrumentation loudly convey the grimy and free-spirited substance of this band's work.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “Revelator”

Lyrical Essence

The lyrical essence of the music is outlandish and full of angst.

Even though I have listened to the EP multiple times, it still is somewhat difficult for me to follow along with the exact messages conveyed in the songs. What I do understand is that the heart of the music is turbulent and hot-blooded. Those aspects of the lyrics are hard to miss. According to the band's EPK, the lyrical nature highlights the misfortunes humans experience because of poor choices. Even with good intentions, we tend to make wrong turns during the journey of life that bring about misery and sometimes bittersweet endings.



Favorite song for lyrics: “All I Need”

Final Thoughts

I give Boy From The Crowd’s music an 8 out of 10 rating. I don't know a lot about grunge music, but this band made a reasonably good impression on me, excluding the screaming. I admire their feisty approach to creating music as well as their distinctive identity.