We all use smartphones nowadays. It is almost impossible for us to live without them as we continue to grow our social media profiles, find new ways to communicate, express our thoughts, keep in touch with the latest news and so on.

We have arrived at a point where is extremely difficult not to have at least one smartphone in our lives, especially since our daily and professional life is becoming more and more eventful and our time spent at home is decreasing to the point that we cannot keep ourselves informed only via television news.


Right now we are taking our smartphones for granted and it almost feels like a part of us is taken away if we part with them for more than half an hour.

What if we had to part with them for more than eight hours?

Companies nowadays are taking actions against mobile phones in the office. This is a little tricky, as both sides – employers and employees – can argue on it. Why is that?

We all understand that while we are in the office and need to focus on our work we should not be distracted by phone calls, notifications and news feeds that our mechanical little friends are buzzing us about every 10 – 15 minutes.

Everybody has a mobile phone, and as of January 2014, more than half of us have smartphones. This increase has had a great impact on our daily lives, as the information we used to acquire after a certain hour when we arrived home is coming to us almost every minute on our smartphones. This tremendously changed our interaction with our mobile phones, which is easily detected by employers and in some cases leads to lower productivity. As they became aware of the trend more and more companies started acting on the matter, and eventually implemented rules against it. Smartphones are banned in most offices so as to increase productivity.


But is it necessarily a good thing?

Let’s say that indeed all the unimportant news that some of us find interesting might distract us, making us neglect our responsibilities and leading to a decrease in company productivity. Employers are taking severe action in banning smartphones anywhere near us during working hours. Many people might find this solution acceptable while others might see things differently.

Imagine for instance a personal emergency occurred and somebody tried to reach you to tell you that you were flooding your downstairs neighbor because you had left the water running.

Or that you need to move your car from a parking spot you had no idea was private. But what if greater emergencies occurred? God forbid your house caught fire, or your single home alone aunt had a heart attack, and you needed to attend for any of the situations immediately. Is forbidding mobile phones in the workplace in such situations actually a solution? Taking this into account, a very large number of people would not part with their mobile phones not even for an hour, not to mention a straight eight-hour working day.


Many people believe that mobile phones should be banned during working hours in order to keep themselves focused on their tasks, forgetting about the things that could happen while they are away from their smartphones. I am not referring to places where you have a work phone whereby you can still be reached, but to larger companies where the main activity is customer oriented - such as call centers, where you don’t need a work phone at all.

Most of the time both sides argue on it but the truth remains the same. We need to keep in touch with the outside world even when we fulfill our responsibilities during those 8-and-a-half hour shifts.