Some young women are using their Tinder apps for a purpose that they were not intended, which is to try to persuade young men to support Bernie Sanders for president. Tinder, which is part of the Match Group Inc., is not amused and is locking these young women out of the app. Tinder is for setting up cheap, semi-anonymous hookups and not for politicking, thank you very much.

Tinder is a digital means of boiling down mating rituals to their bare essentials. No longer do people have to go on actual dates, with dinner and a show, before going to her place or his place for a romantic tryst.


No longer, in fact, do they have to meet face to face in a bar, sizing each other up, before going home with someone for a one night stand. Now one swipes right for yes and swipes left for no. Finding a sex partner for the evening is as easy and as antiseptic as ordering takeout.

The sociological implications of matching casual hookups with digital technology are being argued about, just as the phenomenon of casual sex has been for the past few decades since the sexual revolution started in the 1960s.

However, using a dating app to drum up votes for an elderly Bolshevik has to be a disturbing development.

To be sure, young women are rejecting the feminist icon (i.e. Hillary Clinton) in droves, as they should. Clinton is one part whining victim and one part soldier in the War on Women when her husband’s amours are concerned. (Question: Is Bill Clinton on Tinder?) Millennial women take their feminism a little more seriously than that, at least up to a point.

The main attraction of Bernie Sanders is that he is proposing to be the ultimate sugar daddy, but with the resources of a government at his call to take care of people.


Free college, free health care, and free everything would seem to be attractive when one is a young person with no knowledge whatsoever of economics or history.

The problem is, these young women who are using a dating app to drum up support for their sugar daddy don’t know much about human nature either. A guy joins Tinder because it is a virtual meat market, an easy way to slake a primal need. They do not appreciate what they thought was potential sex partners babbling about some creepy, old guy who wants to be the apparatchik of the United States.

Young people today. Where did they go wrong?