Are the Oscars an indication of what really goes on in the film industry boardroom? If you listen to Meryl Streep, you will know that she is straightforward when it comes to understanding that diversity starts at the top. Without the industry buy-in, the old, white male will continue to make all the decisions. They have always done it that way and there is no reason to make any changes. Hence, the inability to open up the room to other cultures, races andreligions!

Is there truly any reason to change when it comes to the film industry?

IMHO I do believe there is! Diversity enriches our experiences and how we, as individuals, perceive other cultures. Why should films based on other cultural experiences be controlled by the current film industry boardroom? Do they have enough information or indoctrination into other worlds to make the right decision? I suspect not and it will not change unless there is a change in the management of the industry.

Meryl Streep is right, change will be slow but it will come even when there are set backs as in the all white set of nominees at the 2016 Oscar awards.

Why is this information important for you as a business person? It is important because diversity is how business will come your way. Businesses are global, they have expanding reaches into all the corners of the world. Business is multi-cultural, not one neighborhood will be left as one race, one culture, or one religion. As a business person, like the film industry boardroom, you need to embrace diversity.

Sure, rules and regulations in some countries are discriminatory when it comes to human rights for some genders or lifestyles, but leaving that aside, as a business person in the western world, diversity is necessary. Without diversity, where would you be able to gain market share? Would you be able to offer your products and services online? Would you be limiting your customer base? The answer is quite simply, embrace diversity or stay small.

I don't know about you but I would prefer to find ways to grow my business with an all-inclusive charter.

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