The Maricopa County attorney announced today that iPHONES would no longer be issued to employees.  This comes as a result of the ongoing fight between the DOJ and Apple over encryption.

Somebody cares about stopping terrorists

While the legal battle continues, at least one county has decided to stop purchasing Apple products.  This alone may not cause great concern to Apple.  Apple is huge and it will take a lot to make a dent in sales.  However, if this is the start of a trend, Apple executives may need to rethink their decision.


All government offices

What if all federal and state offices stop purchasing from Apple?  Every employee of state and federal offices no longer receiving smartphones from Apple would be a great loss of business. 

This makes sense to me.  If I was in a legal battle with some business, I would definitely stop purchasing their products.  I can’t imagine continuing to fund a business that is fighting me in court.

Rights of terrorists

I know many will argue rights and privacy, but what rights do terrorists have?  My opinion is none.  We can’t allow terrorists to invade our country and have free rein to cause death and destruction.  Terrorism has to be stopped.  A good first step would be to see what information they have to use against us.  Who do they plan to attack next?  What other terrorist cells are hiding among us? 

What’s on the smartphone?

No one knows for sure what information is stored on the smartphone since it is encrypted.  That’s the whole purpose of asking Apple to unlock it.  I don’t know if the information will help fight terrorism or stop another attack.  But, I would rather find out sooner than later. 

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t understand the legal issues.  I just wonder if a notebook was found with the attackers, could it be legally examined?  What if the notebook was locked in a box?  Can the government legally unlock it?

If the answer is yes, then I see no difference between that and a smartphone in this case.  If the answer is no, how do we ever stop terrorists? 

It all comes down to what we are willing to do to protect our families.  What do we want for the future in this country?  I want a safe country.  If that means a terrorist can’t hide information on his phone, so be it.